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"Sushi-lovers dream come true." I have been to Jasmine twice for sushi and this by far serves some of the best sushi in Northeast Ohio. The Pink Lady and Volcano Roll were both excellent. Fish is fresh and presentation is amazing!!! Service was quick at this lunchtime experience.
~ Marlissa H from Cortland, OH

"A great night out." What an evening. Some of the best sushi. The atmosphere was enjoyable and the owner is very engaging. I highly recommend Jasmine.
~ "proflaw4169" from Canton, OH

The decor is upscale and modern. Once inside you feel like you are in a big city Asian restaurant. The food is excellent. We hope people keep patronizing this restaurant. It has had a good crowd every time we go and every time we drive by and wish we were going to Jasmine.
~ "ringerfamilyoh" from Canton, OH

"WOW!! Asian Fusion that is sure to impress!" Oh my goodness! My husband and I are both chefs... we were blown away! The Asian fusion and culinary imagination that is the basis for this menu is outstanding. We love to sample lots of things when we dine... so get ready. The Chicken Coconut Soup ... the melding of flavors was superb. Squid salad... so excellent we had it two nights in a row! Avocado Delight... yum... baked avocado! Avocado scooped out mixed with assorted seafood and spicy Asian mayo, baked... Excellent! (This takes some extra time to prepare... so order it while enjoying something else... like the Chicken Satay.) The Blackened Tuna has such a beautiful presentation, perfect in its delivery! We also tried a nightly special... Jasmine Aperitif... Seafood blended with crunchy panko crumbs layered with apple slices, Brilliant fusion! We shared a Shrimp Pad Thai... quite simply ... THE BEST WE HAVE EVER TASTED!!! And we topped off our meal with Tempura Bananas... All this and then we went back a second night in a row. We live 800 miles away in NH... so it is unlikely we will be back soon. (So sad.) Oh yes... Jasmine is currently being nominated for the top 100 Asian restaurants in the nation. And the prices... so reasonable that you can't help but try it all. Bon Appetite!!
~ Lori G from North Conway, NH

"Our new favorite sushi in Canton." Having heard the buzz over Jasmine for over a year, I don't know why it took us so long to try the place. The stylish but comfortable space seems to accommodate couples on dates and families. We arrived hungry for sushi and we were not disappointed. We tried five different rolls and they were all fantastic. (Our youngest child was satisfied with the shrimp shumai--steamed dumplings--and shrimp lo mien, which we all shared.) I ordered the special sushi roll that day, which featured salmon and yellowtail draped around an interior that included fried plantains (sounds weird but worked really well.) I have to say the most delicious roll was the Walsh Roll--blackened tuna, asparagus and avocado topped with eel, tuna, salmon and yellowtail. Before the sushi arrived, my husband and I shared a special salad of sliced apples and raw tuna (I think!) with mango and a tempura crunch, while our son gobbled down a seaweed salad (I'm not a huge fan of seaweed salad, but even I noticed that this one had a great sesame oil flavor.) Not only was the food completely satisfying, but the service was great too! We'll definitely be back!
~ "edegenhard" from Canton, OH

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