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After a doctor's appointment, we stopped in Jasmine for lunch. We had seen a very favorable review of Jasmine in The Repository last year but this was the first time we had visited. When we arrived, a host seated us. Even though it was 1pm, over 50% of the tables were still occupied; a good sign for any restaurant's lunchtime popularity. We found out later that the 'host' was one of the owners of Jasmine. For me, this is a great sign since a person who has a vested stake in the success of the restaurant is actually 'on the ground' supervising the service and responding to any needs of the clientele.

Like most Asian restaurants, there was a variety of selections from which to choose. After some lengthy consideration, and some help from our very enthusiastic waitress, Jenny, we each chose a 'box' lunch. This lunch comes in a square, compartmentalized dish with entree, spring roll, fried or white rice, and fruit. We also had a choice of miso soup or green salad. We chose the green salad which came with a ginger salad dressing. The salad dressing looked like a watered-down version of 1000 Island dressing. But what a refreshing taste!! I think I would go back just for this dressing on the salad.

I chose General Tso's and my wife Sweet and Sour chicken. Both came with spring roll/duck sauce, fried rice, and an orange cut into pieces skewered with a tooth pick probably to cleanse the palette afterwards. On a scale of 1-10 for heat, the General Tso's came in at the 5-6 range. You probably could have gotten it hotter if you wished but it was just right for me. My wife really liked the sweet and sour chicken and there were plenty of both.

As mentioned above, Jenny, our waitress, was very enthusiastic and helpful with answering questions about the menu. She had a smile on her face, was very outgoing and I got the impression that she appreciated us being there; and she liked working at Jasmine. We also appreciated the fact that she was our waitress.

While we were finishing our meal, the person who seated us (one of the owners) came to our table and asked us how everything was. We gave him very positive comments. We felt like we were valued diners and our comments were appreciated. It seems such a simple gesture for an owner to ask diners about the food and service. Why don't more owners do the same?

This is a restaurant that has a bright future and it is one that we will return to in the future. Great food. Great service. Great value.

~ "rcubed2" from OH

"Best sushi around." Jasmine has the best sushi in a 50 mile radius of Canton, Ohio. I get tired of sushi being cut too thick and ruining the taste experience. Jasmine's sushi chefs are awesome and well trained. I recommend this restaurant to all Japanese foodies :)
~ "eutzlyt" from Canton, OH

As far as Asian food goes, Jasmine Asian Bistro stands above others. The menu is varied and offers a unique blend of Asian and Thai cuisine.
~ Nicole W from North Canton, OH

"Great curry!" This restaurant is in a small strip mall, but don't let that deter you from checking it out. The sushi is fantastic and so is the curry. The plates look and taste fantastic! The prices are very reasonable for the portion sizes.
~ Buckeye02 from OH

"Great food." The restaurant is very clean and elegant looking but very laid back. The food is excellent as well as the prices. They have a good selection of food. The wait staff is great and the menu explains what is in the dish if you are not sure if you would like it. The sushi is fabulous. Give it a try, I'm sure you will like it.
~ Rosemary M from Massillon, OH

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